We know this election cycle has been awful and, with the runoff elections in Georgia, there’s no certainty in sight. Here at PenCo we believe in progressive values, which is why we’re proud to announce a new sale running through January 3rd, 2021. Anyone using the promo link https://www.etsy.com/shop/PencoDesign?coupon=BLUE2020 or entering the code “BLUE2020” at checkout will receive 10% off of their mask orders and receive a free Vote themed mask. Additionally 100% of the profits from mask sales will be donated to the Democratic party in Georgia, for the duration of this promotion!

How it will work

We sell on Etsy and get paid every Monday. Each Sunday from now until the sale ends, we will take a look at the number of mask sales and how much money we earned. From there we will take out shipping costs and material costs for the masks. Shipping is calculated per order, but luckily we already know what each mask costs in materials.

Mask cost breakdown

Then, each Monday, we’ll take that amount and donate it to ActBlue. After the donation is processed, we will add a new blog post including a breakdown of our Etsy income and a photo of the ActBlue receipt.